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Inspection is the most important aspect of a Carpenter Ant elimination, it’s the first step in eliminating the colonies. After Nature’s Way provides our inspection of not only the structure but also the property we will have an excellent idea of what is going on. In conjunction with the inspection there will be a variety of questions asked by one of our professional technicians. By the time we are finished we will be well on our way of ridding the structure of these wood destroying insects. In most cases we will recommend a complete I.P.M program to completely eliminate the colonies. A one time treatment in most cases isn’t suggested. Nature’s Way Pest Control will provide inspections, liquids, baits, monitoring applications as part of your complete Carpenter Ant removal package.  We use botanical insecticides to eliminate your problem. We always keep your health and the environment in mind. All applications will be done in a manner that is consistent with the product labels and the rules and regulations set forth by state regulations.