Pest Control Plattsburgh & Burlington Vt| How to get rid of Carpenter Ants

The task of ridding a structure of Carpenter Ants is not in easy one. In the Northeast especially Upstate New York it seems like It’s just a matter of time before a structure has a Carpenter Ant issue. Most nest that are found inside a structure are satelite colonies. The “main” colony is usually found outside in a tree. Carpenter Ants produce swarmers or winged ants, they job of these ants are to mate and form satelite colonies. Eventually the swarmer will loose her wings and become a Queen. Because they cam nest just about anywhere the job of locating them becomes very hard especially to an untrained eye. If you are seeing 3-5 Ants on a regular basis you probably have an issue. A “one time” treatment is usaully not effective, especially because of the fact that the main colony and satelite colonies communicate. You also need to understand the life cycle (complete metamorphosis- Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult) and the fact that this cycle can take 2-10 months to complete. All stages of the life cycle are present at almost anytime. Furthermore you must understand the biology and habits od Carpenter Ants to fully understand the extent of the problem. Esterior applications are very important and can really help stem the invasion. Visit for mor information about Carpenter Ants and other wood destroying insects.

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