NATURE’S WAY PEST CONTROL – Plattsburgh & Burlington

Carpenter Ants do not need rotting wood but prefer it do to it’s pliable texture. They are also known to nest inside styrofoam insulation, under regular insulation, and even under old tarps sitting outside.You can find carpenter Ants nesting just about any place in and around a structure. Examples are : old dying trees, tree stumps, and firewood. You also may be dealing with more then one colony. Carpenter Ants will will establish satelite colonies through out the area.The main colony is usually found outside in a tree. It takes approx. 3 months months in ideal conditions to form a colonyMature carpenter Ant colonies contain approx. 3,000 or more workers. The produce major and minor workers, each has it’s on duties. They can live for approx. 7 years. The queen can live for over 25 years.. Ants also produce “Swarmers” or secondary reproducers which will eventually become a queen for a satelite colony.