How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants!This area of the home had extensive water damage. Mold was growing inside the wall, the wood was rotting away and the homeowner had been noticing Carpenter Ants all over the inside of the home. This wall was opened up for several reasons other than a suspected Carpenter Ant nesting site. Once opened the Carpenter Ant nest was visible.  After the contractors sprayed, they had us come by to make sure the nest was taken care of. When I showed up minimal activity was present. The video shows what happens after we treated with our plant based products. It is completely essential to have a professional deal with carpenter Ants. In this scenario as in many, the first thing the Carpenter Ants do when threatened  is grab all the eggs, larva, and pupa casings and start relocating the nest. You must, in just about all situations, follow up on carpenter Ants. The main colonies are on the exterior perimeter of your home (EX. in a tree) and they communicate with these satellite nests. A constant exterior barrier should be applied on a regular basis to keep the main colony from re-infesting the home. This does usually happen, and it happens quickly.

A sign you have a nest somewhere in your home is seeing Carpenter Ants inside the home (3-5 daily) for 3-5 days or more. Also if you seem to have them in the spring each year and or especially in the summer months. Eventually as the colony grows you will notice the Carpenter Ants throughout the entire year and they won’t just go away as they tend to in the beginning stages of infestation. Most homeowners think the over the counter sprays take care of them after they treat, but in reality it is just coincidence. Usually after 3 years when the colony is fully mature the Carpenter Ants don’t just go away. At the mature stage Carpenter Ants produce “Swarmers” winged Carpenter Ants. Theses are essentially Queens that will start another satellite colon inside or outside the structure.

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