Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Ants Carpenter Ants.…The phone keeps ringing and it’s all about ants with wings. Carpenter ants produce swarmers or ants with wings. These insects are secondary reproductive s or secondary Queens. The job title is to start a new Carpenter Ant colony and that mean wood damage from carpenter ants. Carpenter Ants are active in plattsburgh, Malone, Messena, Willsboro, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake , Keeseville, Ticonderoga and the whole upstate North country territory. Carpenter ants invade homes this time of year looking for food, water and shelter. If Carpenter ants choose your home to nest in beware. A professional exterminator for Carpenter Ant control is unnecessary. Carpenter Ants are very hard to control and you can be dealing with multiple colonies. A lot of home owners will actually make the problem worse by spraying over the counter insecticides that are harsh to the people in the home and to the environment. Nature’s Way Pest Control offers the absolute best Carpenter program in the pest control industry. If you have Carpenter Ants please contact Nature’s Way Pest control.