Carpenter Ants in Vermont

Signs of Carpenter Ants

In order to effectively eliminate carpenter ants, you have to be absolutely sure that it is carpenter ants to begin with. Look for the following signs: 

Presence of ants (workers or winged reproductive s  – An occasional ant may be a scout looking for food and may not indicate the presence of a nest, but continuous or numerous ants are a sign of nesting.

Frass – Accumulating in piles or caught in spider webbing; has a finely shredded appearance. Do not confuse with small sawdust from construction, doors or cabinets rubbing on one another, or dry wood termite fecal pellets.

Trails – Carpenter ants will often form tight closely associated trails that can be traced to the area of the nest. Many times trails can be traced along carpet edges, door frames, outside eaves, fence tops, telephone and power lines, etc.. 

Sounds – Rustling or tapping noises are produced when disturbed ants rasp the substrate with their mandibles or gasters or when excavating wood. If you put your ear up to a hollow door and then scratch your fingers on the other side, the scratching sound will give you a good idea of what carpenter ants sound like.

What can you do about Carpenter Ants in Vermont?

Short answer – call the experts. Trying at-home methods will cost time and money and won’t necessarily work long-term. Book your free inspection with our experts today.