Carpenter Ant Questions

Have you been seeing large black Ants inside your home? Do you live in the Albany, Saratoga, Glens Falls New York Region? If you said yes to any of these questions you may have a Carpenter Ant problem. If you suspect you have Carpenter Ants I suggest you immediately contact Natures Way Pest Control and ask for a free Carpenter Ant inspection. Here are some questions you will be asked, Where are you seeing the Ants? How many are you seeing everyday? Have you ever seen any ants with wings? Any moisture problems you may know of? Have you ever had pest control services before? Have you tried treating on your own? Do you know of any other pest problems you may have beside Carpenter Ants? All these questions will help us evaluate your problem and lead us toward solving your Carpenter Ant problem. We will also Provide a thorough inspection. It is important to help us build a program and offer solutions. Natures Way Pest Control will be sure not only to look for Carpenter Ants but other insects, as well as evidence of mice. Look for mouse droppings and boroughs in the insulation along the sill plate and attic. This is a sure sign of an infestation of mice. Natures Way Pest Control always suggests the customer follows us on inspection, most people learn a lot of New information pertaining to Pest Control Services. Once Nature’s Way Pest Control determines a Carpenter Ant infestation is present we will have a conversation about our Carpenter Ant program. It is very important that you completely understand the program and why we suggest a program instead of a one time application.