Carpenter Ant Control Albany NY

Carpenter Ant Control in New York

Carpenter Ants are a serious threat to homes in businesses in the Albany and North country region of upstate New York. Carpenter Ants can survive the toughest conditions. Carpenter Ant bodies produce a natural anti-freeze that enables them to survive extremely cold temperatures   Their body fat alone can sustain them for 6 months. A Carpenter Ant Life Cycle is 2-10 months depending on environmental conditions.

Here are the different cast in Carpenter Ant colonies:

  • Queen: can live for 25 years
  • Secondary Reproductive (Swarmer): Found in mature colonies. They swarm in the spring or Summer looking to start a new nest.
  • Minor Workers:  Tends to young, and works to expand the nest.
  • Major Workers: Its job is to guard the nest and forage for food. Carpenter Ants can live for approx. 7 years. They are found near moist rotting wood, kitchens, and bathrooms. They don’t actually eat the wood but carve tunnels and chambers so they can nest in it.

Carpenter Ants cause millions of dollars in damages annually. Here are some questions to ask yourself or questions you might be asked by a carpenter Ant exterminator.

  1. How many ants have you been seeing?
  2. How long have you been seeing them?
  3. Have you seen any with wings?
  4. Have you had any moisture issues?
  5. Have you taken down any trees lately?
  6. Did you see any last year?

These will all help a Carpenter Ant exterminator figure out how serious your Carpenter Ant issues can be. Presence of foraging Ants: They like sweets & water, and will eat anything.  Aphids are their best friends, they produce (Honeydew).

How to kill Carpenter ants is a huge question, they really should be dealt with by a professional exterminator.

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