Yellow Jackets, Wasps & Hornets Attack!

Please be on the lookout for Yellow Jackets. Yellow Jackets are known to become very active July-September. If you notice yellow Jackets flying into an opening on your home this could spell big trouble. You should call a professional pest control company immediately. Once inside the Yellow Jackets will expand the nest and they are capable of chewing right through sheet rock. Spraying the entrance hole from the outside with over-the-counter products will not even come close to solving your pest problem. In fact, this could make matters extremely worse. Please do not seal off the entrance hole, this will cause them to seek another way out and that may be inside your home. If you notice a wet spot on your wall or ceiling you should be alarmed, this could mean the Yellow Jackets have started to chew through. We advise homeowners to contact a professional pest control company to deal with this problem. Don’t even mess around!

What Should You Do When You Find Yellow Jackets?

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