Burlington Vermont Bedbug Exterminators – How to get rid of Bedbugs

Bedbug calls are still on the rise in Burlington VT. Year after year the calls double, especially in apartments. Single family dwelling with Bedbugs are a much easier situation for Bebdug Exterminators to deal with. Why? You do not have the constant threat of Bedbugs being reintroduced into the dwelling  like apartments and Hotels. Nature’s Way Pest Control is very experienced in Bedbug elimination. Several different methods are use in these efforts, one of which is Cryonite. This a a method to Freeze Bebdugs instantly,  the nice thing about it is it leaves no toxic residue behind. Watch Feeze Bedbugs Video. A variety of different methods and products are used to kill Bedbugs Cryonite is just one tool in the toolbox. Please visit www.natureswaypestcontrol.com for more information