Moving Vans/Trucks and Bed Bugs

Do you check hotel mattresses for bed bugs? Do you wash and dry at high heat any clothing or linens you purchase at a second-hand store to make sure any bed bugs are dead? (Fun fact: bed bugs die at 118 degrees F if exposed for 20 minutes.)

If so, then you may want to talk to your moving company before loading your possessions into its moving van or truck because bed bugs could be found in these vehicles.

It makes sense, actually: moving companies handle a great volume of items for many different households. They move clothing, linens, furniture, antiques, dishes, cooking utensils, hobby items, cars, boats: you name it, it’s probably been in a moving van or truck!

If just one household has bedbugs in, for example, a mattress, the bugs could then hang out for a bit and then jump into the next customer’s mattress or clothing. And on and on and on and on… until your mattress/clothing shows up in the truck!

Heellloooo new houseguests!

Bed bugs can survive a long time – months, actually – without eating, making it easy for them to survive in a moving van for several weeks/months, even if the van is idle for some time.

Many moving companies now have their trucks inspected regularly by bed bug-sniffing dogs to detect these pests. Many pest control companies offer certification for this; ask any moving company you’re thinking of engaging for your move if they have had this inspection done, and ask for certification.

If you’ve moved recently and now find bed bugs in your mattress, linens or clothing, contact Nature’s Way Pest Control. We use poison-free Cryonite, which kills bed bugs by freezing them.