Bed Bug Treatment Methods

We have proven methods with a great track record. Call a professional ASAP – do not try to eliminate Bedbugs yourself as this could make matters worse.

Unfortunately, Bedbugs have grown resistant to many insecticides. We recommend a program with monthly follow-up applications. WHY? Bedbugs can survive without a blood meal for up to a year. Eggs are very well protected and sometimes impossible to reach. We have found them nesting behind outlet covers, which means Bedbugs can harbor inside walls, this protects them and their eggs very well.

We are the leaders in the industry for Bedbug elimination and control

Here are a few methods for bedbug control that we have tested over the years:

Verifi™ bed bug detector

This system has three attractants that will be installed initially. The system should be checked at a minimum quarterly frequency. Two of the attractants are pheromone and kairomone, and the third attractant is CO2. The CO2 mimics a living, breathing host. It is only active for 24 hours. The other two attractants are said to last up to 90 days.

See what top bed bug experts who worked with the Verifi™ bed bug detector had to say about how they believe it will impact the industry

 “An ongoing monitoring program with the Verifi™ bed bug detector could find infested locations and then recommend treatment before the infestation is completely out of control.” “We tested the Verifi™ bed bug detector in hotel rooms that had had a previous infestation, but were considered to be free of bed bugs when we put the monitors in.  The Verifi detector was able to detect bed bugs in some of the rooms.”
– Dr. Phil Koehler, professor of urban entomology, University of Florida

 “I can see pest management professionals placing the Verifi™ bed bug detector units in every room of multi-unit housing or hotels within the next year.”
– Gail Getty, urban research entomologist, University of California – Berkeley

The Cryonite machine

Cryonite in the elimination of Bed Bugs How does Cryonite work? Cryonite kills insects by freezing them on contact. We have had very limited success with this system. We still had to resort back to the conventional proven methods of treatment. This is a picture of our machine, because of the substantial added extra cost we no longer recommend this application.

Thermal  – HEAT!

Thermal Heat in the extermination of bed bugsHEAT!  The problem is you need to bring the temperature up to 120 -130 degrees for 7 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the life cycle you’re going after. Eggs will take the most amount of time, while nymphs or babies will be eliminated quicker.  If bedbugs are bedded in insulation (which is rated by R-value, that is the resistance to heat transfer)  or a similar substance it may not penetrate enough. And follow-up visits will still be needed. The cost of heat treatments is extremely costly and the success is not 100%.

Bedbug sniffing dogs

Bedbug dogs Bedbug Dogs are very limited in their use. They can give false readings and obviously can’t solve the problem. You would still need to hire someone to provide the bedbug elimination service.  Usually, if someone suspects they have Bedbugs they are correct. There are so many signs of bites and visual inspection for Bedbugs around the Bed is what is needed. Once again it is an additional cost that can be avoided, especially if you already know or suspect Bedbugs.

The Actisol Fog

Actisol Fog in controlling bed bugs The Actisol machines penetrate deep within wall cavities furniture cavities and other object that offers a void for Bedugs to hide. These machines have been in the Pest Control industry for years almost seems like forever. They are used to eliminate, carpenter Ants, Yellow Jackets, Termites, Bedbugs, and many more pests. This machine created a fog killing and flushing Bedbugs out of hiding spaces. This unit coupled with other residual applications, Inspections, follow-up treatments, and monitoring is in our opinion the best option for our customers.

We offer Bedbug Control services for the following:

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