Bedbugs, Why Not Just a Few Applications???

  1. Bedbugs can survive a whole year with out feeding.
  2. Bedbugs can hide in areas not accessible, like Inside walls and ceilings.
  3. Bedbugs are resistant to many insecticides, you never know which bedbugs are resistant to what products until several applications are made. And even if the activity continues it’s not like the bedbugs are tagged with a sign saying what products they are resistant to and if they were just transported in (NEW infestation).
  4. Bedbugs are easily transported. Accounts such as Hotels, Dorms, and apartment buildings are especially susceptible.
  5. Some apartments and homes are deemed un-treatable because of a major clutter condition or sanitation issue.
  6. The entire structure should be treated not just the infested units, this will help stop the spread of bedbugs to other units and also keep up a residual barrier.
  7. Hotels, Dorms, & apartments should all have on going preventative programs  planned, these facilities are constantly at risk of a new infestation OR the spread of an existing infestation.
  8. Bedbug eggs are naturally protected and very well hidden. CRYONITE will destroy the eggs if they are directly contacted.
  9. Preparation is essential to a successful treatment and program, especially in infested units.
  10. Occupants of apartments are hesitant to admit they have bedbugs. We are finding this to be true more and more every day.