Albany Pest Control Services…We have bites everywhere!! Could they be from bedbugs??

Get Rid of Bedbugs in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Upstate NY & Vermont

Get rid of bedbugs in Albany, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, the Adirondacks & VT!When you need to get rid of bedbugs in Albany, Saratoga, Lake George, Plattsburgh, and the Adirondacks, Nature’s Way Pest Control can help!

Bedbugs have been on the rise for the last 5 years, right along with the need for safe and effective bed bug control. In the Clifton Park, Upstate NY, and Burlington VT regions, contact us for a free inspection or call us at (518) 745-5958 for all of your home pest control needs.

Bedbugs are nocturnal insects that feed on blood. Females deposit small whitish eggs with a glue-like material in cracks and crevices where they hide. A female will lay 1 – 5 eggs daily and can produce 200-500 in her lifetime. The eggs take approx. 1 week to hatch. Bites are usually in rows. Mattresses and especially box springs get infested. It is suggested that special covers be purchased to prevent them from being infested. Fecal matter may be noticed in harboring areas, they look like little black specks.

Bedbug Life Cycle

Call Nature's Way Pest Control Bedbug ExterminatorsThe Bedbug life cycle starts with an egg. After birth, the bed bug will move through 5 instars or stages, ending with adulthood.  While they are moving through the 5 stages they are referred to as a nymph. In order to move from stage to stage during the lifecycle of a bed bug,  a bed bug needs to feed on a mammal. They prefer human blood but will feed on other available animals such as a pet or bat. They can feed several times during each stage and as much as 1x per day. As the bed bug moves from each stage or instar they will molt as they grow.

A bed bug will impale its human host at night to withdraw blood, although if a bedbug has gone without feeding, it might try and feed during the day.  A nymph will look for a blood meal right after hatching from an egg. Room temperature plays a role in how fast bedbugs move through the life cycle.  If the temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees F, the bed bug takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks at 83-90 degrees F to move from egg, through the juvenile or nymph stages, and to adulthood.  Three generations of bed bugs could be born in a year. The lifespan of an adult is 10 to  11 months, although they could live for a year without feeding.

Bedbug Fecal Matter

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect.  This is key!

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Bedbug Bites

Bedbug bites usually will be in rows.
Bedbug bites

Bedbugs Up Close

Ask us about our preventative approach – we have experienced bedbug exterminators in Albany, Saratoga Springs, Lake George, Glens Falls, Burlington, and Rutland VT.

Call the Albany, Saratoga, Plattsburgh NY bedbug exterminators with experience.

Bedbug fecal dropping along the lip of a mattress

Bedbug fecal dropping can be found along mattress lips, inside dressers, outlet covers, behind headboards, inside box springs, and just about any place.
Bedbug decal droppings

How to get rid of Bedbugs???

We have a proven method with a 100% track record. CALL A PROFESSIONAL ASAP, DON’T TRY TO ELIMINATE THEM YOURSELF. This could make matters worse.

Unfortunately, Bedbugs have grown resistant to many insecticides. We recommend a program with monthly follow-up applications. WHY? Bedbugs can survive without a blood meal for up to a year. Eggs are very well protected and sometimes impossible to reach. We have found them nesting behind outlet covers, which means Bedbugs can harbor inside walls, this protects them and their eggs very well. As always we practice I.P.M or Integrated Pest management, this is the use of Chemical and NON chemical (Cryonite) means to control and solve a pest problem. Why Cryonite? #1 it kills the eggs. It penetrates deep into voids and kills Bedbugs on contact. We use this in conjunction with Bedbug applications to give them a ONE ..TWO ..Punch.

The Verifi Bedbug Monitor

Bedbug MonitorsThis system has three attractants that will be installed initially. The system should be checked at a minimum quarterly frequency. Two of the attractants are pheromone and kairomone, and the third attractant is CO2. The CO2 mimics a living, breathing host. It is only active for 24 hours. The other two attractants are said to last up to 90 days.

See what top bed bug experts who worked with the Verifi™ bed bug detector had to say about how they believe it will impact the industry:

 “An ongoing monitoring program with the Verifi™ bed bug detector could find infested locations and then recommend treatment before the infestation is completely out of control.”

“We tested the Verifi™ bed bug detector in hotel rooms that had had a previous infestation but were considered to be free of bed bugs when we put the monitors in.  The Verifi detector was able to detect bed bugs in some of the rooms.”

 – Dr. Phil Koehler, professor of urban entomology, University of Florida

 “I can see pest management professionals placing the Verifi™ bed bug detector units in every room of multi-unit housing or hotels within the next year.”

– Gail Getty, urban research entomologist, University of California – Berkeley

The Cryonite machine

How does Cryonite work?

KILLS: Cryonite kills insects by freezing. The freezing process is rapid and reaches a very low temperature. The speed is essential for effectiveness.  The cooling medium is carbon dioxide snow, which the Cryonite unit sprays from the specially designed and patented nozzle.

DRY: Frozen carbon dioxide is also referred to as “dry ice”, as it sublimates, it converts from ice/snow directly to gas with no liquid phase in between.  This enables treatment in areas such as electrical sockets, motors, pipes, cabinets, and more.  For example, when used in the food processing facility, flour will not turn into gooey dough!

SWIFT: Through an optimal combination of snow particle size and speed,  the cooling is quick enough to ensure that bugs, including eggs and larvae, will not survive.

PENETRATES: The Cryonite snow penetrates easily into deep cracks and crevices, complicated machines,  and reaches far into long pipes.

Cryonite bed bugs

Bedbug Elimination

Remember, most of the applications are concentrated on and near your mattress. Cryonite is a poison-free application, so you don’t have to worry about sleeping where it has been applied.

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Do you have a current Pest Control Company?

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