The Facts about Bats

Bats have an undeserved poor reputation: these flying mammals actually make human life on Earth much better than it would be without them.

More than 1,300 bat species around the world eat an incredible number of insects, including some bugs that wreak havoc on farms and agriculture. Other bats help pollinate plants. Tropical bats that eat fruit drop seeds in their feces, which help restore damaged or even cleared rainforests.

Bat feces (known as guano) are incredibly valuable as natural fertilizer. Guano is used around the globe as nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Still, as much as bats improve our world, they also can carry some pretty nasty diseases such as rabies (although this is quite rare).

Some additional misconceptions about bats:

  • They are rodents: Bats are not rodents, they are mammals. In fact, genetically, bats are more closely related to us than they are to rats and mice. They are the only mammal that can fly.
  • They will fly in my hair and get tangled: Bats want to be near you about as much as you want to be near them (meaning they don’t want to be near you at all). They may not see very well in daylight, but they have a biological sonar-like capacity (called echolocution) which helps them keep far away from objects. And that includes avoiding you.
  • They are highly rabid: As mentioned above, rats – like any mammal – can carry rabies, but by far the vast majority of them do not. That said, if you come across a bat and you find that you can approach or touch it, do not!

Any bat that you can get close to probably is sick and may bite if you touch it.

Bats are so important to our ecosystems that they are known as “keystone species” because so much of our planet’s flora and fauna depend on them for survival.

In fact, as far as pest control goes, bats play an important part: if it weren’t for bats, our homes and our cities would be overrun with mosquitoes, flies, beetles and moths.

Still, should you find bats in your home, you understandably will want to see them gone. They do find basements and attic crawl spaces as comfy and cozy spots in which to nest and as beneficial as their guano is, you don’t want bat feces filling up your attic/basement.

Plus, we do concede that it can be pretty startling to have a bat or two fly around your home should they mistakenly find themselves there.

Never try to remove the bats yourself. Call a professional pest control company such as Nature’s Way Pest Control. We will remove the bats and its youngsters (if any) from your home humanely and safely. We also will work to “bat proof” your home.

We look forward to hearing from you.