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Poisonous Spiders in NY

Although there have been claims of brown recluse and black widow spider sightings in the Adirondacks, neither spider species is native to New York, and since they both prefer warm climates, their presence here is rare. While it’s possible for these warm weather arachnids to occasionally find their way north via cars, luggage and shipped…
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Do You Have Animals in Your Attic?

Are you hearing noises in your attic? It could be your over-active imagination – after all, it is almost Halloween – but it might just be the real deal. Putting paranormal activity aside, it’s possible you’ve got animals in your attic. In fact, we receive many calls about nuisance wildlife in the attic this time…
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Albany Pest Control Experts Face Off with Yellow Jackets

There are so many things to love about late summer and early fall in Upstate NY, but stinging insects usually aren’t one of them. Yellow jackets, in particular, are a big buzzkill this time of year. After spending the summer months building their nests, yellow jacket colonies are struggling to feed all those hungry mouths….
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