MotherEarth Pest Control Dust

Nature’s Way is proud to use MotherEarth™ D Pest Control Dust as part of our Green Approach to pest control.

How MotherEarth Pest Control Works

MotherEarth Pest ControlMotherEarth D is a broad spectrum desiccant dust, meaning it causes a wide range of insects to dry out and dehydrate. It is made from 100% diatomaceous earth, the naturally-occurring fossilized skeletons of fresh water phytoplankton, commonly referred to as diatoms. The absorptive properties of the fossils dry out and remove the insect’s protective waxy exoskeleton. The insect then loses its ability to maintain proper fluid-levels and dehydrates.

Unlike boric acid, which requires ingestion to work best, MotherEarth D only requires the insect to come in contact with it to be effective. As a result, it controls a variety of crawling insects, including ants, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, mites and spiders.

Why MotherEarth Pest Control is a Safe Choice

MotherEarth pest control dust is mined straight from Mother Earth, making it a natural alternative to chemical pesticides. It can safely be used indoors and out. In fact, it is safe enough that the EPA has approved it for use in schools, as well as in food and feed handling areas.*

Because it is a dust that is largely applied into cracks, crevices and voids, contact with people and pets is also limited. The fact that it is a dust is also one of the reasons it is considered such a long-lasting, effective pest control product. In addition, there are no known pest resistance issues, which means insects will not become immune to MotherEarth’s effectiveness.

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*All food and feed items in the treatment area should be covered or removed before applying MotherEarth dust. Although safe, MotherEarth should only be used with adequate ventilation and with a suitable dust mask to avoid prolonged dust exposure. As with all pest control products, always consult the product labeling for directions for use, or enlist the service of a trained pest control professional.