Botanical-Based Pest Control Products

Nature’s Way is proud to use botanical-based EcoSMART® and Essentria® as part of our Green Approach to pest control.

How Natural Pest Control Works

Like trees and plants, which use their own essential oils to protect against insects, botanical-based EcoSMART and Essentria pest control products rely on these same natural defenses to eliminate and control pests in your home.

Using steam, the essential oils are extracted from the plant and combined in a proprietary blend that targets the insect’s octopamine receptors, a specific part of the nervous system. Once the octopamine receptors come in contact with the essential oil compound, the insect can no longer survive.

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Why Green Pest Control is a Better Choice

Vertebrates, such as birds, fish, dogs, and people, don’t have octopamine receptors, which means they are not affected by these essential oil blends. In fact, botanical-based green pest control products deliver an unprecedented margin of safety, allowing for indoor use around children, pets, and even food preparation areas.

Furthermore, the product performance is comparable to conventional pest control. Backed by years of scientific research, the unique technology in these botanical-based green pest control products has proven to be extremely effective against a broad spectrum of pests with no known pest resistance issues.

  • Unprecedented Margin of Safety
  • Performance Comparable to Conventional Products
  • Extremely Effective Against a Broad Spectrum of Insects
  • No Known Pest Resistance Issues

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What our customers are saying

I have pets and I wanted something that would safely help with ticks, bees and the dreaded yellow jackets. I discovered yellow jackets entering under the siding of the house. I called immediately and spoke with Laura, she was very attentive and scheduled Shaun to come the following day. It was 90 degrees, Shaun was prepared and ready to apply treatment, regardless of the yellow jackets being very active. Great service – he took care of my yellow jacket problem. Shaun was very knowledgeable, efficient and personable. I definitely recommend Nature’s Way.

Debbie Colonie, NY

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