Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets

There are six species of yellow jackets native to New York State. Yellow jackets  are shiny yellow-and-black wasps. They range in length from one-half to approximately three quarters of an inch. Fertilized queens start nests in the spring in ground depressions or cavities or sometimes in hollow logs on the ground. Usually the only visible sign of the nest is an entering/exiting hole in the soil. The larvae are fed flies and other insects and the adults feed on nectar and other sweet liquids. Yellow jackets become a nuisance around picnic areas, garbage receptacles, etc., where sweet things, such as fruits and soda cans exist. Nests are also seasonal.

Yellow Jacket Pest Control servicesYellow Jackets like to build their nest inside walls of homes. This can become a huge issue for homeowners  especially when homeowners try to take care of the problem themselves. If you have issues with Yellow Jackets please call a professional pest control company. Most homeowners will make matters worse and they usually drive the Yellow Jackets inward because of the type of over the counter products they are using. If Yellow Jackets enter a wall void or attic space in your home you will notice a lot of activity. What you will usually see is one yellow jacket enter the hole after another after another. Toward the end of the season in August September and October Yellow Jacket nest can contain upwards of 40,000 workers, yes 40 THOUSAND. Specialized equipment and products are used when you call a professional pest control company to take care of Yellow Jackets.

Yellow Jacket ExterminationWe also receive a lot of calls from homeowners saying they saw a wet spot on the sheet rock they poked it and went right into a nest. If you notice any wet spot you should go directly outside and inspect that area of your home. If you see Yellow Jackets activity you need to call a professional pest control company who deals with Yellow Jackets, Like Natures Way Pest Control.

Yellow Jackets are also known to nest in the ground. These species are very aggressive. Once again call a professional Yellow Jacket Exterminator Like Natures Way Pest Control.