Indian Meal Moths

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Indian Meal Moths

Unfortunately the truth of the matter is we all consume insect eggs whether we want to or not. Indian Meal moths are considered a stored product pest. So what does this mean? Food products such as Cereals, Rice, Crackers, Seeds, Candy nuts, dry dog food, etc, that sit too long eventually can cause the issue. Either the products sat to long in the store, your home, or a combination of the two.  Insect eggs are naturally protected from the insecticide applications applied to our foods and some insect eggs pass through and enter the boxes containing our stored dry foods. Over time the Eggs hatch into Larva. The larva will the eat its way through the box, eventually will turn into pupa casing. Then to complete its life cycle it turns into an Adult Indian Meal Moth.


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Indian Meal moth Eggs


Indian Meal Moth Eggs. These eggs enter our stored product foods and in time will eventually hatch into larva.







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Indian Meal Moth Larva


Indian Meal Moth Pupa. Eventually the Indian Meal Moth Eggs will hatch and turn into these larva. The larva will eat through the packaging and eventually turn into pupa.






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Indian Meal Moth Pupa


Indian meal moth Pupa. Once this life cycle is complete and adult Indian Meal Moth will emerge. The males and females will reproduce and the cycle will start all over.







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Indian Meal Moth adults


Indian Meal moth Adults. The cycle then continues.








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Indian Meal Moths exterminators

Pheromones are used to attract the Adult Moths. This is only effective when used with residual products to control the larva and pupa.








Indian Meal Moth exterminators

Indian Meal Moth infestation

Remove infested goods, You must find the source of the infestation and remove it from the home. We suggest you store all of your dry stored products in plastic containers with lids on them while under a service program. Its always a good idea to rotate your food and inspect the boxes and bags for small exit holes.