Cluster Fly

Cluster flies are usually noticed in the fall, winter, and spring, especially on warm days. Cluster flies may squeeze through tiny cracks and weatherstripping.  During the summer the eggs are laid in the soil and the the emerging maggot stage feed on earthworms. In late summer when nights start to become cold the adult Cluster fly look to overwinter inside homes. This is the recommended application time August – October, earlier the better. Applications can be made during the winter months on the interior but this is not recommended and is not successful. A vacuum cleaner is usually your best weapon through the winter months. Call to get set up on our Cluster fly route.

Cluster flies are a huge bother to many homes in upstate NY including Albany, Greene County  the Adirondacks and Vermont. If you are located in this area and would like a pest control inspection, contact us today to set up your free consultation.